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We offer accounting and financial services to companies looking for cooperation with an inclusive partner and who value modern working methods.

Monthly accounting services

We offer full or partial accounting services as required by the company. In addition, we offer support in the automation of accounting processes aimed at the efficiency and modernization of activities.

Preparation of the annual report

We offer a complete solution for preparing the annual report, from entering the accounting source documents, checking the initial balances to preparing the annual accounts. If necessary, we organise a review or audit of the financial results of the financial year and represent the client during the process. Additionally, we provide advice on topics that have emerged during the preparation of the report and need further clarification.


We carry out monthly payroll calculations for resident, e-resident and non-resident employees. If necessary, we will assist in registering a non-resident employer as an Estonian taxpayer.


We offer objective and impartial financial advice, consulting on accounting and taxes.


In cooperation with the client, we create a budget model and help update the data in the model to monitor the implementation of the budget.

Contact person and legal address services

We have a license and knowledge which allows us to provide contact person and legal address services in accordance with the requirements of the FIU.

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About Us

My name is Karin. I am the founder and owner of Saldo RMP OÜ.

I have graduated from Tallinn University of Technology with a degree in financial management and passed the qualification examination of a senior accountant.

In my previous career, my employers have mainly been start–ups and technology companies – Skype, Starship Technologies, Garage48 and Salto X. Working with inspiring people in an innovative environment infected me to engage in entrepreneurship. I have also created a start-up company, with which I went to ‘Ajujaht’, the most well-known accelerator for Idea companies in Estonia, and with this company I made a successful exit.

My hobby is badminton and I play it at the Premier League level in Estonia.

Saldo RMP OÜ was established in 2013. The company has five accountants, and more than half of the team has the qualifications of a senior accountant.

To start cooperation

Successful cooperation from the first step

Provide your contacts and information about the company. We will then arrange a conversation to map out your business needs.


We agree on the terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement.


We offer the service in accordance with the things agreed and applicable legislation, keeping in mind the specifics of the company.

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